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Supporting your child with homework/ revision

From January 2017, the children in Team Eagle have homework set from CGP question books. Each week they will have tasks to complete that will complement and reinforce the work done in school:

  • Click here to find when Year 5 homework is due.
  • Click here for Year 6 English information and here for Year 6 Maths information.

We understand that many parents may find it difficult to support their child with homework, so below are links to different websites that may provide information to help:


For mathematics, Mathletics is a useful place to start (the children should know their usernames and passwords or have them stored in their Home-School Reading diaries). After logging on, select ‘Concept Search’ from the menu bar to the right hand side of the screen. You can then access either the ‘Animated Maths Dictionary’ to find definitions for mathematical vocabulary, or select the ‘Concept Search’ to find more detailed explanations. The activities on Mathletics also provide useful practice of key concepts and ‘Live Mathletics’ allows children to practice quick-fire responses to key number facts.


Alternatively, the BBC Revisewise website for KS2 contains a range of useful information and activities to support understanding and practice. Content is grouped into 3 categories: ‘Number’, ‘Shape, Space and Measures’ and ‘Handling Data’. Within each section, select ‘read’ to find guides to help explain key understanding.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Again, BBC Revisewise KS2 contains a range of useful information. 


This primary school website has also made numerous PowerPoint presentations available, each of which help to explain grammatical terms and vocabulary with examples and activities.


If you have any further queries or difficulties relating to homework in Team Eagle, please contact either Mrs Wilton or Mrs Barnes.