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Robinwood Update Day 1

Team Eagle Robinwood Day 1 

All children have had a fantastic, action-packed first day. EVERYONE in EVERY group has successfully completed each of their group activities so far. One or two of the children began asking whether it was bedtime yet at 6pm but most still had plenty of energy to compete in the ‘team challenge’ to end the day.

When reviewing the day over hot chocolate before bedtime, each of the activity groups nominated a ‘hero of the day’ from within their group:

Spring group nominated Molly because she had conquered her fears in climbing - although she was quite afraid of the heights, she made it to the top and then went up twice more.

Waterfall group nominated Fabian because in all of the activities, he supported and encouraged others who were nervous. 

Stream group nominated Sam because even though he was really nervous in the trapeze activity, he kept going, made it to the top and found the courage to jump.

We are proud of how ALL of the children in every group have worked together to encourage each other and support one another through the activities.

Bedtime has gone smoothly without any tears so we are hoping everyone gets a good night’s sleep before the activities start again at 8:40am tomorrow (we are expecting a 7:30am wake-up call and 8am breakfast).

Photos from the day are organised by activity group:

Waterfall group

Spring group

Stream group