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Art and Design

Art at Darrington CE Primary and Nursery School

At Darrington CE Primary and Nursery School we try to put art and design in all of our curriculum subjects as well as stand-along skills lessons. We believe we should give all our children the chance to explore their creativity within all their learning. We aim to deliver inspiring lessons and expose our children to many famous artists, modern and classical art. Striving to teach them about art and design in the work place as possible future career choices, from designers to architects. All children will be given the chance to experience many forms of art throughout our school and it will be used as a tool for children to explore their own spiritual, mental health and personal enjoyment of this subject.


We will endeavour to teach all art techniques throughout school to help our children’s talent to shine. We intend to follow the National Curriculum’s framework and aim to cover the skills needed to empower the children to explore art for themselves.


Nursery and Reception the children will get to explore the use of paint and coloured pencils. Encouragement will be given to help the children make recognisable shapes and forms in their mark making and transient art.

KS1 We will be teaching colour mixing, exploring 2D shapes, learning about space and basic sketching techniques. Helping the children to use their imagination and to be self-motivated.

KS2 We will teach more advanced art skills, collaborating and building on previous techniques learnt in school, giving the children the chance of improving their mastery of the subject, learning perspective and proportion, 3D shape and shading, progressing with greater learning of the subject. Importantly, we will be looking at people who work within the art and design industry both modern and historically.

At Darrington School we take great pride in sharing our children’s work and it is displayed all around school. Each year we enter the Spirited Art Competition and display our entries in our school entrance for parents to share.


At the end of each term all our children are given the chance to sketch in their progression art books. These books are assessed by the art subject leader and feedback is given back to the teachers and children.  We want all our children to flourish and we find the children love to look back in their progression books and see how they have personally grown.