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Curriculum Overview

We believe that children shine when they and their talents are nurtured, cared for and have strong positive relationships with others. We support pupils to flourish into confident, self-assured learners who are resilient and can understand and manage their feelings and behaviours.

At Darrington, we deliver the National Curriculum ensuring that pupils have broad balanced and relevant experiences that are well planned and support them to progress.

Our curriculum is constructed in a way that allows pupils to develop academically, spiritually emotionally and socially. It is founded on and underpinned by a strong Christian ethos.

At Darrington, we support children to acquire a thirst for knowledge, through an engaging curriculum that:

  • Develops a richness of language, knowledge and experience
  • Fosters the skills of co-operation, tolerance and understanding of different cultures
  • Empowers children to develop resilience and fosters their mental health and well being

This curriculum intent will be woven through all aspects of learning.


Our curriculum is taught in a subject specific way. Each subject is carefully planned and sequenced in a subject specific progression grid that details the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be taught from EYFS to Year 6. Progression is built based on research about how children learn so that they know and remember more. The progression grid ensures that learning is built on prior knowledge. 


Our curriculum is implemented using research-based pedagogical approaches including, Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction and Shimamura's MARGE theory. Teachers use daily review to activate prior learning, lots of models to scaffold and support new learning, question effectively to enable children to attend to their learning and give effective and precise feedback so that children are supported to continually improve.


As a result of secure, well-sequenced curriculum intent, coupled with effective and efficient implementation, children learn well across the full curriculum range. Children are able to talk articulately about their learning in all subjects because thy have a well-developed vocabulary in order to explain what they know and remember.