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Home Learning

All information regarding home learning will be available on this page.

We will be adding information to Google Classroom. This will be used to set assignments and give feedback. Your child will have their login details. Please speak to Mr Lunn or Mrs Gregson for more information.

Our class code is: kvlxjwb

These are unprecedented times for us all, and we appreciate your support in working with us to ensure these circumstances remain positive and productive for your children.

Best Wishes,

Mr Lunn and Mrs Gregson


All children

  • Should access Maths Quiz every day for approximately 30 minutes. This website is matched to the scheme we follow in school. Username: darrington Password: darrington1819
  • Should access a game such as TT Rockstars 
  • Children should be read to by an adult every day. This can be any book of their choice.
  • They should be heard reading an age-appropriate book from the Oxford Owl E-Books every other day. This website has phonetically decodable books for children right up to 11 years old.


Each week, children will be set tasks in a number of subjects. These can be completed at any point over the week, and don't need to be done in one sitting. These assignments will be posted weekly on Google Classroom.

  • Topic - One question to research each week. Your findings can be presented in whichever way you like in your home learning book. It is expected you will spend approximately 2 hours each week on this task.
  • Science - One task or investigation each week. We will try to keep these as practical as possible whilst still following the national curriculum. You will be expected to provide written evidence of completion on Google Classroom. It is expected you will spend approximately 1 hour each week on this task.
  • English - One task each day.  This will usually follow the pattern of; learning the expected grammar for the task, planning, writing and editing. It is expected you will spend approximately 1 hour each day on this task. 
  • Comprehension - One piece of reading each week with questions. It is expected this will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Activity Passport - This is a document put together by the government with suggested activities for each school year group. We hope that you might pick 1 or 2 activities each week to try and complete. The children could then write or draw in their home learning book about the experience.
  • RE - The children will also be set a creative RE project for each half term.

Below is the schedule for release of these tasks on to Google Classroom for you to access:

Monday Grammar and Punctuation
Tuesday RE

Topic (History/Geography/Art/DT)

Thursday Science
Friday Reading & Spelling