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Home learning

All information regarding home learning will be available on this page.

We will be adding information to Google Classroom. This will be used to set assignments and give feedback. Your child will have their login details inside their Reading Record. Since these login details were given out, we have created a new classroom for the 2021 lockdown. Please ensure to use the class code below, not the one in reading records.

 Please ensure you are able to access Google Classroom, as this is where all work will be posted.

Our class code is: p6kvihq

These are unprecedented times for us all, and we appreciate your support in working with us to ensure these circumstances remain positive and productive for your children.

If you need to contact Miss Kaiper during a period of home learning, please email using subject line: "Message for Miss Kaiper"

Best Wishes,

Miss S. Kaiper and Mrs F. Gibson


New guidance for the 2021 lockdown states that primary age children should spend 3 hours each day on home learning. In Team Dolphin this will consist of 1 hour of phonics and reading, 1 hour of maths and 1 hour on a topic based task.  

Year 1 (Daily)

  • Phonics Play website - pick one game (buried treasure, dragon's den or picnic on pluto) to play for around 10 minutes each day. The children should select to revise all phases. Phonics play have made their website free for al children during the period of school closures. Use the username: jan21 and the password: home
  • Children should watch the Read, Write Inc phonics lessons posted on youtube each day. More information on phonics home learning expectations can be found here. In Year 1, children should access the following videos every day: 

                  - Set 3 speed sounds

                  - Read Red Words 1

                   - Hold a sentence 1 or 2

  • It is expected that Year 1 children will spend 40 minutes to 1 hour each day revising phonics, through the online lessons, flashcard practice, and phonics play games

Year 2 (Daily)

  • Children should watch the Read, Write Inc phonics lessons posted on youtube each day. More information on phonics home learning expectations can be found here.
  • It is expected that Year 2 children will spend 40 minutes to 1 hour each day revising phonics, through   the online lessons.
  • Year 2 children should access the following videos every day:

                                - Read Longer Words

                                - Read Red Words 2

                                - Hold a Sentence 2

All children (Daily)

  • Maths - Children will be set one  lesson each day (in form of a slideshow) to work through at home, with a corresponding worksheet. The worksheet is interactive and does not require use of a printer. This will be posted each day on Google Classroom. It is expected that you will spend  approximately 1 hour each day completing this work.
  • Should access Maths Quiz every day for approximately 30 minutes. This website is matched to the scheme we follow in school. Username: darrington Password: darrington1819. Please note, is organised by 'stages'. Each stage equates to a year group, so Year 1 would choose 'Stage 1' questions, and Year 2 would choose 'Stage 2'.
  • Should access a game such as TT Rockstars or Funky Mummy every day for approximately 15 minutes. Lots of age-appropriate games can be found on TopMarks.
  • Children should be read to by an adult every day. This can be any book of their choice.
  • They should be heard reading an age-appropriate book every other day.


Each week, children will be set one task in a number of subjects. These can be completed at any point over the week, and don't need to be done in one sitting. These assignments will be posted weekly on Google Classroom.

  • Topic - one question to research each week. Your findings can be presented in whichever way you like in your home learning book. It is expected you will spend approximately 2 hours each week on this task.
  • Science - one task or investigation each week. We will try to keep these as practical as possible whilst still following the national curriculum. You will be expected to provide written evidence of completion on Google Classroom. It is expected you will spend approximately 1 hour each week on this task.
  • English - One written piece of work each week. It is preferable that the children write this on paper and a photo is then uploaded to Google Classroom for evidence. Written English tasks should not be completed on a laptop. It is expected that each week you will spend approximately 1 hour studying the genre of writing and understanding the success criteria, and 1 hour writing the task.
  • Comprehension - One piece of reading each week with questions. It is expected this will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Activity Passport - This is a document put together by the government with suggested activities for each school year group. We hope that you might pick 1 or 2 activities each week to try and complete. The children could then write or draw  about the experience.
  • RE - The children will also be set a creative RE project for each half term.