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Religious education


At Darrington CE Primary School, the RE Curriculum follows the Wakefield  Locally Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese of Leeds. To deepen our pupils thinking, we use Understanding Christianity to 'dig deeper' into RE themes.

Religious Education has a high profile in school and is led by our experienced RE subject leader. The RE curriculum provides valuable opportunities where pupils are encouraged to explore their own beliefs and the beliefs of others. The aim of teaching religious education in our church school is to develop knowledge that some people have a Christian faith that they value and by which they choose to live.

Christian values are central to the ethos of our school and as such are reflected in the main themes on which our religious education teaching is based. Christian beliefs and values are central to the syllabus. A knowledge of and respect for other world faiths, specifically related to our predominant local faith groups, is also included. We foster skills such as co-operation, tolerance and understanding of others and a respect for differences.

Curriculum enhancements such as educational visits to places of worship, mock weddings and baptisms, all serve to engage and excite our young learners.

We  take part annually and contribute to the NATRE Spirited Arts competition which we are very proud of. Our pupils produce thought-provoking and stimulating art work, which asks big questions such as ‘Where is God?’

Teaching, learning and assessment in RE is based around learning about and learning from religion. We have close links with St Luke & All Saints Church and other places of worship, e.g. Wakefield Cathedral, and Jamia Masjid Swafia Mosque which help to provide first hand learning experiences.

Parents have the right to request that their child be excused Religious Education and withdrawn from the act of worship.


Assessments are made on an ongoing basis.