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School Council


Our School Council will try to…

Help all children, staff and visitors in school

Be kind and caring to everyone in our school family

Be respectful to everyone

Be polite and show good manners

Be responsible

Listen to everyone and report back to our classes

Be good ambassadors for our school

School Council Representatives

Class Name    Name
Team Dolphin   

Y1: Charlie & Heidi

Y2: Daniel & Neve

Team Meerkat      

Y3: Oliver & Maisy

Y4: Alfie & Nancy

Team Eagle        

Y5: Toby & Maggie

Y6: Freya & Haris

Each member of the council is responsible for bringing ideas to meetings from class members and feeding back to the whole class after school council meetings. The Chair & Vice Chair are also responsible for feeding back to Team Tiger.

School Council Roles and Responsibilities

Role on the Council









Graphic Designers








Playground/Health and Safety Monitors




Governor Member

Mrs Wraith

Finance & Fundraising

The committee will be responsible for…

  • Managing our budget
  • Applying for funding
  • Organising fundraising events/competitions

Members of this committee are:

Events & Communication

This committee will be responsible for…

  • Planning School council assemblies/events
  • Meeting and showing visitors around school
  • Writing letters/designing posters

Members of the committee are:

Sometimes each committee will meet separately with Mrs Wraith or Mrs Ranby then feedback to each other at full school council meetings.