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Spiritual Development

We believe that Spiritual Development is a vital part to our children's development.

How we aim to develop a strong sense of spirituality

1. Have regular time in the day for quiet and reflection. This might be listening to a story, lighting a candle in collective worship, going for a walk

2. Provide many opportunities for creativity and using the imagination

3. Valuing play opportunities using OPAL

4. Singing often, especially with others.

5. Ensuring invitational opportunities for prayer. This can take many forms, but should include being thankful, saying sorry.

6. Provide frequent opportunities for children to explore, express and share feelings.

7. Constantly reaffirm the importance of relationships. How we talk to and relate with each other is fundamental.

8. Provide opportunities to express awe and wonder, appreciate beauty in all its forms, and appreciate the connections and unity in the world

9. Encourage each other to admit mistakes and to say sorry. Recognising and owning up to faults is an important healing and redemptive process.

10. Encourage children to show kindness, caring and compassion, and to express these in practical ways. (eg: how we treat each other every day; charitable works; looking after pets)

11. Explore the ‘Big Questions’ – particularly through our RE programme

12. Read often to children, and give them opportunities to discuss and reflect. This includes both secular and religious texts, in particular the Bible