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Team Eagle (Y5/6)



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Themes for the term

‘Crime and Punishment’

‘The Tudors’

‘Earth and Space’

‘Extreme Environments’

‘The Mayans’

‘ Fair Trade’


Visit from a Forensic Scientist

Career’s Visitor

Space Call



Properties and Changes of Materials

Living Things and their Habitats

Earth and Space

Animals including Humans


Barley Hall

Magna Science Adventure

York Observatory

Robin Wood

Class Books

The Executioner’s Daughter


The Jamie Drake Equation

The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club

Mayan Folktales

Journey into the River Sea

Outdoor Learning

Crime Scene Investigation

Outdoor Artwork (Guiseppe Arcimboldo)

Star Gazing

Habitat Hunt and Habitat Creation


Mental/Physical challenges

Poetry Competition

Astronaut Test

Olympic Day

Responsibility Positions

School Council Elections

Taking care of a class pet?

Create Props and Organise End of Year Production 

Enhanced experiences

Tudor Day

Outdoor Learning and Exploration Day

Fair Trade Day

Challenge stereotypes 

LGBT (Anti-Bullying Week)

Women in Science

Racism and Ethnic Minorities 

Life skills/Promises passport


Star Gazing


Community Projects

Organise Christmas Fair

Habitat Hunt and Habitat Creation

Organise Summer Fair