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Team Tiger (EYFS)

Welcome to Tigers' Class

Welcome Team Tigers!

After a wonderful start to the school year, we have loads of exciting and fun learning activities and celebrations planned for the remainder of the term. 'Traditional Tales' will be our main story focus for the half term. The stories will be used to support anti-bullying week, writing, our Christian Value 'Respect'. Towards the end of the half term, we will be preparing for and celebrating Christmas and will hopefully have some lovely treats for parents!

The children are now confident with the routines of the classroom and are enjoying exploring the learning environment and building relationships. We are always doing lots of exciting learning in Team Tigers, so please keep checking our website and your child's online learning journal on Tapestry for updates as well as ways that you can support your child's learning at home. You can login to your Tapestry account at and can also download the app to your mobile and tablet. 

On our class page, you can access our latest newsletter and home learning links

Reading to your Child

Whether your child is in Cubs (Nursery) or Tigers (Reception), we ask that you read, read and read some more to them! By reading books to them daily, you can make a huge difference to their listening and understanding skills as well as broadening and enriching their vocabulary and feeding their imagination. 


Over the course of the year, Team Tigers (Reception) will follow the Read Write Inc. scheme. We will be focussing on blending sounds in segmented words (m-a-t, mat) before progressing to reading words with 'Fred Talk, Read the Word' and simple sentences in their 'Red Ditty' book. This will be done when the individual is ready to ensure that they feel confident and able to succeed in reading.

You can read more about Read Write Inc. here, where you will also find the handwriting phrases, 'Fred' games and a 'Parent FAQ' document that you can use to support your child at home.

We will continue to encourage correct letter formation at school. You can reinforce this at home in lots of fun ways such as using their finger to draw and write in sand, steam on the shower screen and painting over chalk letters with water.


As well as having focussed maths activities, we ensure that maths is a part of everyday play and conversations in Team Tigers. We use these interactions to develop careful counting skills, number recognition and understanding as well as exploring shapes and measures. At home, you can help by doing the same too! Can they figure out which shape you've drawn on their back by considering how many sides you drew? Which numbers can they see around their home environment? Can they measure and count for a recipe? Practise forming numerals with dough, by drawing them in the mud with a stick or on the steamed up glass of the shower - holding their hand if needed to help them feel how to write it.

Play and the Curriculum 

Your child will be exposed to all areas of the curriculum through a combination of child initiated learning and focussed activities. In EYFS, play often provides the most meaningful and enjoyable learning experience. Unstructured play is not only fun but it is critically important for the development of children's bodies and brains. One of the best ways to encourage unstructured play is by providing open-ended toys, or toys that can be used in multiple ways. 

You can read the 'EYFS Learning Outcomes' here which is used to help inform understanding of child development of through the early years.

 Building Learning Power

At Darrington School, we are actively creating and promoting learning friendly classroom cultures that nurture the habits and attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners. You may be surprised to hear you child using complex language (such as 'perseverance', 'collaboration' and 'absorption') relating to the different learning muscles but, by making the how of the learning explicit, we can help them develop healthy learning habits for life!

Final words...

We hope that your child has a wonderfully happy and inspiring time in Team Tigers. Especially in these strange times, we will do all we can to help you child thrive and enjoy their time in our class. Your support and encouragement at home is greatly valued and we look forward to working together in partnership with you over the course of your child's early years education at Darrington School.

Best wishes,

Rachael Beckett (Reception Teacher & Early Years Leader)

Rachel Arnott (Reception Teacher)

Sarah Turner (Early Years Education in Nursery)

Gill Murray (Teaching Assistant in Reception & Nursery)